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What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Riverdale
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Legion
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: The Good Place
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: The Young Pope
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Taboo
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Great British Bake Off Xmas Special Episode 1
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Rogue One
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Futureworld
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Michael Crichton’s Westworld
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x10: One Armistice
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x09: Make Human Cognition A Pestilence Again
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x08: Dormant Urges
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x07: Mission Impossible: Ghost Nation
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x06: Ten Gallon Fleshlight
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x05: Rough Motor Skills
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x04: Robot Maintenance Best Practices
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x03: Walterpedia
Miscellaneous Westworld 1x02: Shoots and Shots
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Westworld
Miscellaneous FeastDance 11: Erectile Crustacean
Miscellaneous FeastDance 10: Captain Davos: Civil War
Miscellaneous FeastDance 9: Amen, Sworn Brother
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: The Great British Bake Off
Miscellaneous FeastDance 8: Rattleshirt’s Dumb Death
Miscellaneous FeastDance 7: The Fault of Our Complexion
Miscellaneous FeastDance 6: Cersei Responds Appropriately
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: AMC's Preacher
Miscellaneous FeastDance 5: Mugs, Thermoses, and Tea Cups
Miscellaneous FeastDance 4: 30 Stone All Day
Miscellaneous FeastDance 3: Holes Want Filling
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Stranger Things
Miscellaneous FeastDance 2: Ghost of Sand Snakes Yet to Come
Miscellaneous FeastDance 1: World of Wargcraft
Book ASoS 41: Songs for the Deaf Dick
TV Show 6x10: Egalitarian Baby Smashing
TV Show 6x09: Happy Shitting!
TV Show 6x08: Suits: Of Armor
TV Show 6x07: Lyanna Mormont 2016
TV Show 6x06: Meet the Tarlys
TV Show 6x05: The Door Was Held
TV Show 6x04: Airborn Until Proven Innocent
TV Show 6x03: Dickless Cheney
TV Show 6x02: Didn't That Guy Have a Beard?
TV Show 6x01: Woke Fanfiction
Miscellaneous Season 6 Game of Thrones Refresher
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: The Real History Behind Game Of Thrones
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Daredevil
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: The Magicians
Miscellaneous Telltale 1x06: House Forrester Is My Safe Word
Miscellaneous Telltale 1x05: The Mourning After
Miscellaneous Telltale 1x04: Never Liked That Sibling Anyway
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Better Call Saul
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Marvel’s Jessica Jones
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Star Wars The Force Awakens: Space Cuba
TV Show 5x09 & 5x10: What. What? WHAT?!
TV Show 5x08: Breaker of Wheels
TV Show 5x06 & 5x07: The Heads on the High Shelves
TV Show 5x05: Money for Nothing, Ships for Free
TV Show 5x04: Westeros Baptist Church
TV Show 5x03: King Tommen The First (In Bed)
TV Show 5x02: House Mormont and The Sword Shamers
TV Show 5x01: Can I Drink Myself To Death?
Miscellaneous Telltale 1x03: We All Make Mistakes
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Wolf Hall
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: The Jinx
Miscellaneous Telltale 1x02: Is That Wine or Blood?
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Agent Carter
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Marco Polo
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Telltale's Game of Thrones 1x01
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Black Mirror Christmas Special
Book ADwD 2: Hodor the Stable Man
Book ADwD 1: The Bastard’s Boys
Miscellaneous BGaS: Give Me Fiction Edition
Book AFfC 2: Enemies with Benefits
Book ASoS 40: The Hooded Dead
Book ASoS 39: Sansa VII and The Need for Feminism
Book AFfC 1: Ser Creighton Longbough, Male Model
Book ASoS 38: Unbowed Unbent Unspoiled
Book ASoS 37: Adorably Atrocious
Miscellaneous An Unkindness of Ravens Part II
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Penny Dreadful
Book ASoS 36: The Red Door and the Butcher King
Book ASoS 35: Wayne Campbell Takes the Black
Book ASoS 34: Petyr Baelish’s Game of King Chairs
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Outlander
Book ASoS 33: Kevan Lannister and Lizard Lions
Book ASoS 32: Edric Storm and The Battle of Castle Black
Book ASoS 31: The Hollow Knights
Book ASoS 30: An Errand of Fools
Book ASoS 29: Strong Belwas’s Bowels
Book ASoS 28: Wanton and Treacherous by Nature
TV Show 4x10: How to Chain Your Dragon
TV Show 4x09: Ygritte’s Regrets
TV Show 4x08: The Pillar and The Stones
Miscellaneous The Tenacity of Her Vengeance: Women in Game of Thrones
TV Show 4x07: The Defenestration Station
TV Show 4x06: Law & Order: Royal Victims Unit
TV Show 4x05: First of His Dames
TV Show 4x04: And King Tommen Ruled Happily Ever After
TV Show 4x03: Technically, The Breaker of Barrels of Chains
TV Show 4x02: The Lion and The Ricin
TV Show 4x01: Two Swords, One Throat
TV Show 4x00: Who Are These People?
Miscellaneous An Unkindness of Ravens
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Hannibal
Book Princess 4: Terrible Father, Amazing Dragonrider
Book Princess 3: A Turtle Is Not a Horse
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: House of Cards
Book Princess 2: Dragon Fight Club
Book Princess 1: Daemons and Dragons
Game Show Please, Please, Don’t Kill Me! The Game of Thrones Game Show, Season 3 Edition
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: True Detective
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW: Masters of Sex
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 10: Black Mirror
Book ASoS 27: Coldhands, My Canadian Girlfriend
Book ASoS 26: The Red Wedding AKA Truly, God is a Cruel Buscemi
Book ASoS 25: The Red Dress Rehearsal
Book ASoS 24: Rowing Across the Trident? That’s a Paddlin’
Book ASoS 23: Let Your Direwolf Do The Talking
Book ASoS 22: Keep Wine Precious
Book ASoS 21: Ravens to Penthouse
Book ASoS 20: Maesters of Sex
Book ASoS 19: The Steve Jobs of Sword Poisoning
Book ASoS 18: Taste the Blood of Edric
Book ASoS 17: Kill Beric: Volume 2
Book ASoS 16: Was That Flayed Men or Flailed Men?
Book ASoS 15: MRAs and The Peach
Book ASoS 14: Unsullied Unchained
Book ASoS 13: Your Mouth, The Lord's Kiss, and A Plate of Lasagna
Book ASoS 12: Hodor, King of The Seven Kingdoms
Book ASoS 11: And Introducing The Impressive Clergyman as Vargo Hoat
Book ASoS 10: The Neck Beard and Haunted Castles
Book ASoS 9: Samwise Tarley and Horse Prom
Book ASoS 8: There's Something About Ygritte
Book ASoS 7: Thoros of Myr and The Happy Fun Time Squadron of Everlasting Life
Book ASoS 6: Spear-Fishing for Compliments
Book ASoS 5: 40 Spiders Seems Like a Lot
Book ASoS 4: Ghost Protocol: Eating Snow to Survive
Book ASoS 3: Valyria's Gynysss Book of World Records
Book ASoS 2: Dick Jokes Combatting Literacy
Book ASoS 1: 100th Episode, Feeling Superior to Ivan and Red
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 9: Behind the Candelabra
TV Show 3x09: Ivan & Red's Wedding
TV Show 3x08: Look At All The Sex We're Having!
TV Show 3x07: The Bear vs The Maiden: Completely Unfair Edition
TV Show 3x06: The Climb (no, not the one by No Doubt or Miley Cyrus)
TV Show 3x05: KISSES by Fire
TV Show 3x04: And Now His Watch Has Fallen Off His Wrist Because He Doesn't Have A Hand
TV Show 3x03: The Sound of Jaime Clapping
TV Show 3x02: Dark Wings, Dark Ducks, and Diana Rigg
TV Show 3x01: LIVECAST All Men Must Die But Women Are Cool
Book Dunk 7: Those on High Horses Take Long Falls
Book Dunk 6: The Mystery Knight, Take 2
Book Dunk 5: If You Give a Dunk a Traitor
Book Dunk 4: Red Widow as Played by Christina Hendricks
Book Dunk 3: The SS Sworn Sword
Book Dunk 2.5: The Mystery Dance
Book Dunk 2: Leggo my Aego
Book Dunk 1: Freaks and Geeks, Westeros Edition
Miscellaneous Trial By Bannermen
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 8: The 2012 Golden Ivan Awards
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 7: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
TV Show 1x01: Return to the Scene of the Crime
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 6: Doctor Who “A Christmas Carol”
Game Show Game Show 3: Please, Please, Don't Kill Me! The Game of Thrones Season 2 Game Show!
Book Clash 25: Clash of Kings vs. Game of Thrones Season 2
Book Clash 24: The Quarter Nose is All The Rage
Book Clash 23: Book Throwing and Introducing Arya as Future Nan!
Book Clash 22: The Defense of Armed Banditry Act
Book Clash 21: Your World Champion Giants! No, The Other Kind
Book Clash 20: And Introducing Mitch Hedburg as Ned Stark
Book Clash 19: Jon, Odie, and Street Lichen
Book Clash 18: Ted Talks and 3-Eyed Babies
Book Clash 17: A Splendor of Predictions And Also Looper
Book Clash 16: Rattleshirt and Parties of Five
Book Clash 15: Homeopathy and The Sorrowful Men
Book Clash 14: Sir Comma Daniel Preston and Other Knights
Book Clash 13: Empire Strikes Back it is Not
Book Clash 12: Cats are Remarkable Lushes
Book Clash 11: Daenerys Needs to Check Out Twitter
Book Clash 10: Cats with Double-Edged Axes
Book Clash 9: A Jamie Oliver Wet Dream
Book Clash 8: The Vision Board
Book Clash 7: Acorn Paste and a Handful of Bugs
Book Clash 6: The Maker's Mark!
Book Clash 5: Admiring the Floorcraft
Book Clash 4: A Pillar of Salt Wives
Book Clash 3: Narcs and Cravens and Eunuchs
Book Clash 2: The Hooded Cave of the Faceless Man
Book Clash 1: Hot Pie and The Rainbow Guard
TV Show 2x10: Vulgar Hueyluis
TV Show 2x09: Blackwater "Michael" Bay
TV Show 2x08: The Prince of Bones It Is
TV Show 2x07: A Podcast Without Honor
TV Show 2x06: The Old Gods and Cthulhu
TV Show 2x05: The Ghost of Guy Branum
TV Show 2x04: The Secret Garden… OF BONES
TV Show 2x03: What is Dead May Never Record Two Days Late
TV Show 2x02: The Knight Life
TV Show 2x01: Peter North Remembers
Game Show Game Show 2: Red Loves Game of Thrones
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 4: Steven Moffat Doctor Who
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 3: Downton Abbey
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 2: Sherlock
Book Book 21: Book VS Show!
What You Should Be Watching WYSBW 1: Special Misfits Edition
Book Book 20: Winter Came and Went!
Book Book 19: Beheading Your In-laws, The Number One Cause of Divorce
Book Book 18: Yep, Your Dad Will Be Back Any Minute
Book Book 17: You Tell ’em, Drogo!
Book Book 16: The Flaming (Sword) Episode
Book Book 15: The Sentient Wheelchair and The Dreadfort
Book Book 14: Cersei is Clearly in Mourning
Book Book 13: Not Even Christopher Nolan Talks About Dreams This Much
Book Book 12: Ned Has a Dream!
Book Book 11: The Smoking Pole
Book Book 10: Catelyn Climbs and Other Interesting Tales
Book Book 8: Tarley the Two-Eyed Craven
Book Book 7: Gettin’ Crabs at The Wall
Book Book 6: Westeros’ Spiderman is Weird
Book Book 5: Eddard the Lady Killer
Book Book 4: Catelyn Gives a Shit
Book Book 3: Seriously, Bran is THE BEST Climber
Book Book 2: Purple Nurples and Imp Flips
Game Show Game Show 1: Game of Thrones Game Show!
Book Book 1: Book Club!
TV Show 1x01-10: Season 1 Re-OHHHHHHH SNAP!
TV Show 1x10: Fire and Blood.... Eventually
TV Show 1x09: Winter Came
TV Show 1x08: The Endy Point
TV Show 1x07: You Win or You Cry Subserviently
TV Show 1x06: Comeuppance
TV Show 1x05: The Wolf and the Lion Shave their Chests
TV Show 1x04: Cripples, Bastards, Ivan, and Red
TV Show 1x03: Lord Snow Hits The Wall
TV Show 1x02: The Kings Rode Many, Many Things
TV Show 1x01: Winter is Coming on Ivan & Red